Healthy eating made simple - EIGHT ways to change your life forever!

Healthy eating is the wellness issue that attracts some of the most internet searches, am I right?

Nothing else you do in your life will influence your well-being as much as what you eat.

This is, of course, not taking into account things like drug abuse, smoking and other destructive habits......

Just in the normal flow of life, you actually are what you eat (although most people prefer not to face this fact of life!).

There are many varying opinions on this tender subject, but the good news is that everyone's body is different and unique. Hooray!

It is therefore important to get an eating programme to suit your particular needs and circumstances. It only makes sense, doesn't it?

But...there are some principles that should not vary, and those will be the "motive" behind your choice of really GOOD nourishment.

OK, so far nothing new, or maybe indeed something new? YES, the power of small changes!

EIGHT ways to START changing your life forever:

1. Substitute some of your cups of coffee or tea with FILTERED (clean) water.

2. Use HALF the amount of sugar you would normally use in coffee, tea, etc.

3. Eat THREE meals a day, and snack on fruit in between. Do not skip meals!

4. Try and find ORGANIC food whilst doing your regular shopping.

5. Use very little DAIRY products.

6. Do not eat anything AFTER 8 pm at night.

7. If you do eat cake, chocolate or cookies, take SMALLER portions.

8. HALVE the amount of condiment you put on your food. TRY some lemon juice, olive oil or yoghurt as "moisturizers". You will get used to them, they are delicious!

Anything big starts with baby steps, don't you agree? Start your new healthy life with these baby steps, and see what happens!

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