Healthy food without fuss - the easy way!

Is it possible to eat really HEALTHY food and stay within your budget, within your time restraints and above all, within your preferences?

I would say a resounding YES! And why? Because I have done it myself. I have come all the way from eating all the wrong foods, I nearly died from severe Candida, but here I am today, alive and kicking and WELL!

Society today is so taken up by the hype and advertising thrown at us daily. We are always in a hurry, not taking the time to slow down and assess what we are doing to ourselves.

We hear things like:

* This processed goodie will save you time in the kitchen.... (more time to watch TV....)

* This chocolate will be heavenly on your tongue (why don't you have a whole box at once?)

* The kids will love the flavour of this breakfast cereal (all artificial of course)

and so on and so on.

We lend our ears to the bombardment of messages, and forgot where nourishment comes from - from nature, not from a supermarket shelf!

OK, so what should you do to change your "unhealthy" ways?

Here are a few suggestions to substitute the "baddies" for the "healthy". Just a small warning: Any change in habits should be gradual, otherwise you are doomed to failure.

* Substitute candy with dried fruit

* Substitute ice cream with frozen fruit juice

* Substitute chocolate with carob chunks

* substitute breakfast cereal with oats or any other cooked whole grain porridge

* substitute margarine with butter, unsalted if possible.

None of the pleasant thing in life, including GOOD food, should be withheld from you, but remember, there ARE alternatives and choices available.

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