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Are you longing to be a glowing, vibrant person? Do you want to take charge of your own health?

Why this website? What is so newsworthy and "good-newsy" about health issues?

Well, without vitality, nothing else in life is possible. And, seeing that people are looking to improve themselves all the time, this website will be doing just that. It all starts here @ Health-news-for-you.

We promise to provide you with the info you need to overcome even difficult and hard to solve health problems. We aim to give you healthy food news, natural health news, and much, much more.

Good news, in other words! We have enough bad news around us, as it is, don't you agree?

 My name is Rita Parker, and I could write the proverbial books full  of stories about my own battles with various health challenges.

 Why this website, I ask you again?

This site is my contribution to YOUR health, because I've been there, seen it all, got the T shirt...

 I am not a doctor or a trained medical professional, but I have acquired lots of info and know-how about health issues. These I will share with you. I have the contacts to help you find your way amidst an overload of information on the internet.

Stay close to Health-news-for-you, and I'll show you what I mean...

Healthy eating - your passport to a great life!
The art of healthy eating can be achieved by anyone, and the benefits are astounding!
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Try natural cures: one does not always have to reach for prescription medication....
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Learn how holistic medicine can solve your health problems.
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