A healthy diet will have you jumping with vigour!

A healthy diet can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Everyone will have a different opinion as to what is healthy and what isn't, don't you agree?

Well, so what is new in this regard? It all boils down to common sense, and the willingness to be counter-cultural, in some instances.

Think of it this way: You care for your car or computer very meticulously, but your body, that you are dependent on to carry you through life, is left to survive on whatever comes its way, good or bad!

How about thinking more about what we put into our bodies, and making more informed decisions?

Diet is a word that is very easily used, but let's rather call it nourishment...... Diet sounds too much like a sentence, as in punishment. We are nourishing our bodies, and that makes all the difference.

My recommendation is: Ask yourself, before eating or drinking ANYTHING: What is my body going to gain from this food or drink? Most people know by this time what is beneficial and what is really rubbish and bad for your body.

This is not to say that you cannot treat yourself from time to time with something "bad". As always, moderation is the key.

OK, just to give you a memory jerk, some foods that are good for you, and some "baddies":


* Fruit and vegetables (organic, if possible) * Nuts * Seeds * Whole grains * Meat with very little fat * Butter * Eggs


* Soda drinks * Meat with a lot of fat * Margarine * Sugar * Tea and coffee in excess * Processed foods * Colourants and preservatives * Bread

Remember to keep in touch, there is much more to come!

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