What is so GOOD about organic foods?

In the world of optimum nutrition, organic foods are the ultimate first prize, believe me!

It may not always be easy to acquire foods that were grown as nature intended, without all the harmful pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and whatever else. But.... with a little bit of effort, and some determination, you, yes you can either buy organic foods or cultivate your own.

There are many resources in the form of books, websites, etc. to teach you how to grow an organic garden, but oh boy, the motivation to carry it through may be the biggest problem!

Well, if only to join the "green" attitude of the modern man or woman of today, could be motivation enough. And, to then have the health benefits as well - just think about it.

From my own experience, I can categoricaly state that there are few things as satisfying as growing an organic garden, and preparing and eating your own, home-grown foods. Why don't you try it for yourself?

A few thoughts and tips to get you started:

* A reminder: Exceptional health isn't complicated, it's actually very simple.

* Organic foods are the most concentrated mineral and nutrient dense foods on the planet with these nutrients in their natural form.

* You can also go organic in your flower garden, did you know?

* You can plant your veggies in between your flower garden, if space was a problem!

* Making your own compost is a VERY good idea, and has lots of benefits for yourself as well as for the environment.

* If an organic garden is not an option, make some enquiries in your community - most areas have outdoor markets with organic foods for sale, if you cannot find these in your local supermarket. Ask your supermarket or greengrocer to stock these foods - the principle of supply and demand will kick in sooner than you think!

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