The VERY Best Fitness Tips!

What are the best fitness tips you have ever come across? Allow me to share some of mine!

And.... please share some of yours with me!

OK, here we go:

1. Drink lots of water - dehydration is the main cause of fatigue, did you know?

2. Do a little every day, not a lot at once, for continued vigour. If you try and do too much, you will become tired and lose interest.

3. Choose a program or activity, stick to it, do not jump around from one activity to the other.

4. Do your program or activity with a partner, spouse, friend or child, it will keep you disciplined and accountable.

5. Do not forget to eat really well! Don't just diet, eat well. If not you will lose the benefit of your program or activity. Fitness is a holistic concept, after all!

6. Pay attention to your state of mind - be positive, otherwise you will likewise lose some of the benefits of your program.

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Have some of your own fitness tips to share with us?

Do you have some of you own marvellous tips? Share them!