Why are alkaline foods so crucial to your diet?

Let's start at the very beginning: What is an alkaline food?

Put simply, it is a description of the pH balance of a substance. Foods can be classified according to the alkalinity or acidity that it produces in the digestive system.

Alkaline foods are GOOD for your body and continued health, acid-forming foods are BAD for your health - and that is the simple truth of the matter!

Dr Francisco Contreras, an oncologist (cancer specialist) from Mexico City said the following: "I truly believe that all disease begins in the digestive system - that all disease begins with what we eat."

If you consume too much acid-forming food, internal toxicity develops. Some symptoms of a body overloaded with toxins are:

* constipation

* stomach bloating

* poor digestion

* gas

* fatigue

* weight gain

* excessive mucus

* poor concentration

* headaches

* poor skin

* poor memory

* depression

* body odour

* bad breath

* poor circulation

* bad taste in the mouth

* itching

* dizziness

* coated tongue

* personality changes

And... the scary part - this toxicity may develop into:

* acne

* allergies

* arthritis

* atherosclerosis

* boils

* cataracts

* colitis

* eczema

* fibrocystic breasts

* gallstones

* gastritis

* hemorrhoids

* hypertension

* kidney stones

* obesity


* psioriasis

* uterine fibroids


Enough to get you running to the nearest greengrocer/fresh produce market/ health shop?

To help you choose the foods that will keep your body healthy, go to the website below for invaluable lists with a pH classification for each food.

Your guide to the pH of a wide spectrum of foods

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