How to get rid of acid reflux and its consequences

Everone knows that heartburn and acid reflux is caused by too much acid....Right? No, not necessarily!

Do you suffer from asthma, are you losing your memory, are your arteries clogged up, do you have macular degeneration, chronic hives, gallbladder problems, angina, arthritis or osteoporosis?

It may be your stomach!

According to Dr Jonathan V Wright, a pioneer in the field of natural medicine, believes that many diseases stem from stomach problems, including the most uncomfortable condition of acid reflux.

Dr Wright believes that these and other diseases are caused by, wait for it, TOO LITTLE stomach acid! This condition is called hypochlorydia.

With hypochlorydia, put simply, your stomach can't digest your food and nutrients properly because it doesn't produce enough acid for normal digestion.

A simple stomach function test will lead to a correct diagnosis.

And the solution? A simple mix of supplements, tailored to your body's specific needs.

It is not possible in a space such as this, to diagnose or treat problems. Please see a doctor who does not take the well-trodden medical route to treat the symptoms and not the cause. Find and see a doctor who takes a more natural stance when it comes to health matters.

Alternatively, there is a supplement called Betaine Hydrochloride, that addresses a hydrochloric acid defiency. Take the supplement as prescribed - if you feel an improvement in your acid reflux, you will know that you have this defiency, and keep on taking the supplement.

If no improvement can be seen over a period of time - give it at least a few weeks - then it would be wise to see your naturopath or doctor.

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